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Independent (Indie) Film Poster Printing Information

Knowing Where to Print Independent Film Posters

If you’ve produced an Independent Film and are ready to introduce it to the world, whether it be at an Independent Film Festival, a screening or the like, it’s time to start marketing. And one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome is finding a source to print independent film posters. That is, until now!


At Backlit Posters, we offer a free evaluation of your arwork before you commit to placing your order. This, along with the quality of our final product and our excellent customer service, is how Backlit Posters maintains a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating!

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At Backlit Posters, we specialize in printing great quality custom-sized Duratrans at the best prices. Use our quoting calculator below to to price your project. And, if you're ready to order, once you get your quote, just click add to cart.

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Shipping will be calculated during checkout. specializes in just that; printing indie film posters specifically for light box applications, which is exactly what you need when looking to print independent film posters. They display just as well in natural daylight, but come to life when displayed in a theater light box.

How do you Print Film Festival Posters

When you need to print Film Festival Posters, typically what most film-makers are looking for is what’s often referred to as a one-sheet. It’s the standard size in which both major blockbuster and Film Festival Posters are printed.

In the United States, a Film Festival Poster Prints at a size of 27” x 40”, while in Europe, the standard Film Festival Poster Print size is 27” x 41”, though either size will typically be accepted by a theater. A standard one-sheet is printed as a double-sided print on paper, where the backside is printed at approximately 40-60% of the opacity as the front side print, and is printed in a mirror image so that the image lines up on both sides.

Challenges You’ll Face to Print Indie Film Posters

The difficulty with printing independent film posters is that you usually only need a few poster prints at a time per independent film festival or screening. And, true one-sheets require the use of off-set printing presses, which will require you to print a minimum of 500 independent film poster prints or more to get plated. This will take most of us out of budget for any particular project. Making the task of finding a true one-sheet Independent Film Poster print source even more challenging is the fact that most off-set printers aren’t large enough to print independent film posters at full-size, due to their sizing limitations. Most presses are 40” presses, and can only utilize 37.5” of their width for printing. But, there is a solution.

Print Film Festival Posters on Backlit Film

When it’s time for you to print Indie Film Posters, the number one solution is printing on backlit film. The film is specifically designed to be displayed in a light box, giving Independent Movie Poster Print the same great aesthetic appeal when lit up as it’s one-sheet counter part. In fact, when your independent film festival poster print is displayed side-by-side to one of the blockbusters featured at the theater, anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference in quality. It’s just that good!

Backlit Posters is Your Film Festival Poster Printing Solution

At, we specialize in just that. Printing back-lit posters. We’ve been providing Independent Film Festival Poster Printing for producers and directors through out the years with nothing but rave reviews. We offer a low cost solution with high-end results, delivered on time every time. When you’re ready to have your Indie film posters printed, is the only place you need to go. Our company is family owned by Indie Film enthuesiasts who appreciate and support the arts. In fact, we will often times go out to see Independent Films that air locally, especially if they’ve used our service. Not only to support out clients, but we’re a bit biased. We love to see our Independent Film Poster prints displayed at the theaters for all the world to see.

Print Posters for Film Festival

So, now that you know where to go to Print Posters for Film Festivals and where to have your Independent Film Poster prints made, order your prints today. We offer 24-hour turnaround on printing and can have your posters in your hands in as little as two days! Standard shipping get’s your Film Festival Poster Prints in your hands in four days via USPS Priority Mail for as little as $10.20 shipping cost. If you have any questions regarding printing Independent Film Posters, feel free to call us or send us an email. We’re happy to help. Congratulations on your feature. We look forward to seeing your productions at our local theaters!

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