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Affordable DuraTrans Printing

If you're in the need for quality Durable Transparencies (DuraTrans) printed fast, you've come to the right place! At, ordering your DuraTrans is an easy 2 step process, and to top it off, you get the following:

  • Photographic Print Quality
  • Rich-Vibrant Colors
  • Liquid Laminated to protect against light scratches
  • Lowest price ANYWHERE!
Backlit Posters Ship in 24 Hours! Backlit Posters offers 100% Guarantee Backlit Posters ships Priority Mail FREE!

At Backlit Posters, we offer a free evaluation of your file(s) before you commit to placing your DuraTrans order. This, along with the quality of our final product and our excellent customer service, is how Backlit Posters maintains a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating!

Files 20 Megabytes and Smaller
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Files as Large as 100 Megabytes
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DuraTrans are available in several of the most popular sizes requested as well as custom sizes designed to fit your application. At, we have the ability to print DuraTrans as large as 42" (inches) wide by 10' (feet) long.

For Custom-Sized DuraTrans Graphics
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Our Most Popular Sized DuraTrans Graphics
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8" x 11"
DuraTrans Poster


11" x 17"
DuraTrans Poster


18" x 24"
DuraTrans Poster


24" x 36"
DuraTrans Poster


27" x 40"
DuraTrans Poster


Feel free to browse through our FAQ. If you don't find the answer, we invite you to contact us via email or toll-free at the number posted on the top of this page.


What's the Difference?

What are DuraTrans?

There are two distinctly different uses for the term "DuraTrans".

Definition 1 - Duratrans is a brand of transparency film offered by Eastman Kodak that is designed to be displayed in backlit applications such as light boxes for expos, franchise menus, theatre kiosks and more. The Eastman Kodak Duratrans brand of film have a light-sensitive emulsion on its surface, which requires them to be developed with a similar chemical process as developing film. This process, however, comes at a cost.

Definition 2 - The term "DuraTrans" stands for "Durable Transparencies" and has become the "cover-all" term used by designers and media professionals looking for printed media that is designed to be displayed in a light box or other form of backlit application. The correlation to the Durarans brand is usually null and void. At, we use the term "DuraTrans" to describe the general term that is described in this definition.

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How is a DuraTrans Produced?

Backlit Posters' DuraTrans utilizes state-of-the-art large format inkjet printers to produce stunning backlit media that easily rival the quality of the Eastman Kodaks brand of DuraTrans at a fraction of the price. Our backlit prints are produced at 1440 dpi for photographic quality images that display flawlessly in their backlit applications. The thickness (7 mil), tear-resistance and transparency of both media perform equally, with the greatest difference being cost. Our backlit posters are also coated with an optically clear 3-mil matte PVC laminate that makes your posters water and scratch-resistant while increasing their lifespan and usability.

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What's the Difference?

Optically, there isn't much of a difference at all, unless you view the prints under a loop. For all intents and purposes, the two DuraTrans options (printed and developed) both produce stunning results that perform equally well in backlit applications. The only major diffenence is going to be seen in the production process and price point. Our DuraTrans option is the most economical option you'll find online GUARANTEED!

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